Raised Voices Return

Raised Voices are awesome, if I do say so myself.

I started Raised Voices in 2012 because I wanted to create a community choir who I could try out some repertoire on. People have, of course, come and gone, but the core group who still come are a wonderful community of people from all sorts of backgrounds, not all musical. I bring all sorts of strange songs and ideas with me and what emerges is beautiful, funny, nourishing, singing. I continue to be grateful when people come and trust me. I love it.

So now, after a short break from running Raised Voices I am utterly delighted that it is back in 2019. This time in partnership with The Peppercorn cafe. Yeah! I love The Peppercorn. Alex makes a wonderful array of food… cake, and the most amazing oat milk lattes. I go there on Thursday mornings to meditate and have breakfast which I can definitely recommend as a start to a Thursday. Visit and like here.

I am always a mix of grumpy and optimistic about the New Year vibes but I guess singing feels like the most optimistic, giving, nourishing thing that I can do; so here we are…


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