Well Aloha,

My name is Jess Baker and I am a singer and community musician based in Huddersfield. I feel privileged that I get to make music with so many people across a whole wide range of different settings for my job: including adult mental health settings, prisons, in schools, with parents and their babies, community singing groups, in universities and more.

I run my singing sessions with a commitment to the ethos and values of the Natural Voice Network and Hoot Creative Arts.

Following my initial contact with the world of improvised singing at Bobby McFerrin’s Circlesongs residential in New York in 2013, I then went on to study with Rhiannon in Hawaii in her week long course ‘ Mele A Hakuwale’ and this has led onto me being part of this years international improvisation programme ‘All The Way In’.

I perform regularly as my alter ego Kaninchen, using loop pedal and voice. Click HERE to see what I do. And HERE for my album.

I also perform in Prince Tribute Endorphinmachine and The Yellow Goose Dance Band.

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